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PS4 has 'extremely good' chance to get Dreamfall Chapters, The Longest Journey sequel

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on 26 June 2013

If you've been playing video games for awhile now, you may have heard of The Longest Journey, a 2000 landmark PC adventure title from Funcom that's regarded as a genre classic. A sequel, Dreamfall, came around a few years later, but the series took an extended break until Kickstarter came along to make a third game, Dreamfall Chapters, possible.

By abandoning the series' traditional point-and-click control scheme, Dreamfall Chapters already seems like a better fit for consoles. According to lead developer Ragnar Tornquist, a PlayStation 4 version of Dreamfall Chapters is almost certain. "We are preparing to go to consoles," Tornquist told Eurogamer. "The game works extremely well in a TV/couch scenario - it's a perfect game for that . . . the chances are extremely good that we'll land on one or both of the next-gen consoles."

Apparently, talks with Sony are going better than those with Microsoft. "I've officially also said that Sony is a lot more inviting and welcoming to indie developers, so it's a lot easier for us to start that dialogue and get support," he explained. "It is a bit harder with Microsoft but it's not like we're excluding anything . . . The PlayStation 4 is definitely an interesting platform for us right now."

It's reassuring to hear that PS4 will play host to gaming experiences that are new to the console space--not everything is a sequel or play-it-safe shooter, it seems. In fact, a wealth of independent developers are flocking to PS4; the PlayStation booth at E3 2013 gave front-and-center placement to games like Hohokum, OlliOlli, Transistor, and CounterSpy.

Via Polygon

Kyle Prahl tried The Longest Journey earlier this year and had enough fun to be excited for Dreamfall Chapters' PS4 arrival. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook