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Netflix launches Max PS3 to simplify viewer experience

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on 30 June 2013

Netflix has just launched Max, a feature created by the team behind trivia-game series You Don't Know Jack, which helps viewers decide what to watch on the service.

Max delivers suggestions in a variety of ways based on genre, actors, content, or on your viewing history. The presentation is comical and game-like, with Max as a speaking but unseen character, putting it's heritage clearly on display.

The relevance of the feature's name comes from the it's slogan, "Get the max from Netflix."

You can take a look at Max in action below, in a video from Netflix's YouTube channel.

Do you think that you would use Max? Let us know in the comments section below.

UPDATE: Max is currently only rolled out in the US. PSU regular faaeng originally pointed out to us in this article's comments section that the feature wasn't available for everyone, and it has been confirmed on IGN that only US users have access to it.