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Sony celebrates 64 free games in year one of Instant Game Collection

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on 1 July 2013

It has been a year since Sony launched the 'Instant Game Collection' as part of its PlayStation Plus subscription service. As most will tell you, the Instant Game Collection rotates out games on a weekly basis for Plus subscribers to download for free. The amount of games that have been added to that collection throughout its first year is quite impressive.

In total, Sony has given away 64 free PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games to date. Now, that is an impressive figure by itself, but even more impressive is how much these games equal monetarily. The combined value of all 64 of these free titles from just one year of the Instant Game Collections is over $1000.

Want to know what one year of the PS+ Instant Game Collection looks like? If your answer was 'Yes!' then you are in luck. In celebration of the Instant Game Collection's first year Sony has released an image on the PlayStation Blog of all the games released for the Instant Game Collection throughout the first 12 months. Check out the image of the impressive line-up below.