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Guest Post: Why the Lack of Popular Casino Games for Consoles?

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on 2 July 2013

There all manner of different games available for consoles, but not all of them are popular. For every Heavy Rain or Uncharted, there is a boring fishing game or workout game, or some games that could be fun, but are ruined by horrible plotlines. Plenty of gaming categories struggle to find favour among console players, and one of those struggling categories has got to be casino games.

It seems that casino games are enjoying much more success on the internet and mobile devices rather than on consoles. For instance, outside of poker there are next to no titles available on PlayStation 3. It is not difficult to answer the question posed in the title but is interesting.

No Real Money Wagering
Gambling is only in its truest form when a wager has been replaced with real money, even it is a nominal fee. This has to perhaps be the biggest factor working against any success of casino games on consoles. Players feel no urge to play most of the games because there is no way for them to be financially rewarded for their success, therefore rendering blackjack and roulette entirely pointless. Sure there are skill versions of poker, but players tire of these because they can’t wager with real money. This likely won’t change soon because of legal confusion over international gambling legality in different countries.

Limited Social Element
When playing online, gamers mostly go where the action is. This would likely preclude most from ever playing the limited selection of casino games available on consoles. Poker remains the only viable one to compete on, based on the fact that an element of skill is involved. But with roulette and blackjack carrying no real money wagering, players are not attracted to anything but poker. And even then it would not be as appetising as the more popular social games.

Age Not a Factor
Gambling is an activity commonly reserved for adults aged 18 (or 21) and above, depending on where in the world you are from. The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) announced in 2012 that the average gamer was 30 years old in 2012. Despite of the fact that most gamers are above the legal gambling age, casino games for gaming consoles remain unpopular. This fact may attest to the quality of these games, when adults who can play casino games simply prefer not to.

Casino Games are Basic
The PS3 is an incredibly advanced gaming console that is soon to make way for the even more impressive PS4. These are consoles that exist to display highly demanding graphics and deliver immersive story experiences. Casino games require a fraction of the power available on the consoles, so they do represent a waste of the power available. Current consoles are more like high-spec racing cars, in need of experienced drivers and a challenging racetrack.

Casino games just aren’t a good fit for consoles. They are specific creations that are for high-quality games, whereas those in the casino are more basic. PCs and mobile devices are more embracing of basic games, which is why online casinos and bingo sites such as thrive on those mediums.