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PS4 processor, x86 vs. CELL - Did Sony make the right choice?

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on 2 July 2013

Over in the PSU forums, a debate is forming about PlayStation 4--is x86 architecture better than PS3's infamous CELL processor?

It is a power vs. ease topic that is interesting for the technological laymen like myself. Some community members have mentioned that while there will be greater ease-of-use with the x86 architecture, but there are fears that this generation of systems will plateau sooner, as an improved CELL would be more powerful and have extra potential to unearth. But even if the next generation plateaus sooner than this generation, there is less reason to fear that things will become stale, thanks to independent developers.

After reading posts by PSU community members, I believe a consensus was reached that x86 processing architecture makes PS4 much like a computer for game development. Steam has been a major driving force in revitalizing the PC market and one reason is due to the platform's love and fostering of indie games. New, fun, innovative, and crazy games can be made and published by amateurs and professionals alike without the need of an EA or Square Enix to bankroll the projects and potentially seize creative control.

Thanks to the familiarity of Sony's new development architecture, those imaginative experiences that flourished on PC and Steam should be easily ported over to PS4 for a wider release. Power is sacrificed, but longevity is gained.

What side do you stand by in this debate? Post your thoughts in the comments below or in our forums and join the conversation.

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