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Destiny on PS4: Bungie releases gameplay demo of PSU's 'shooter that won E3'

on 3 July 2013

Bungie has released the official gameplay reveal of Destiny, its space-operatic post-Halo shooter, on PS4.

The footage below, first seen during Sony's E3 2013 media briefing, depicts Bungie developers teaming up to travel through an immense wall to explore the uncharted territory of Old Russia on the other side. Along the way, they battle various forms of the Fallen, humanoid aliens with a host of imaginative weaponry and evasive manuevers.

The game's loot and equipment systems are also briefly displayed. The demo narrator's character--a Human Warlock--acquires the Thunderlord, an "exotic machinegun" that he purports to be one of Destiny's best weapons. We also get a glimpse at the gun's talent tree, confirming that weapons in Destiny have numerous unlockable upgrades--including radical changes to the weapon's function and power--that can be acquired with talent points.

PSU awarded Destiny our E3 2013 Best Shooter award, recognizing Bungie's next-gen title as "THE shooter that won E3."


Kyle Prahl was mighty disappointed to learn Destiny won't be coming out until next year. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook for the musings of a PSU Managing Editor.