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Survey finds average U.K. gamer is 35, has two or more consoles

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on 4 July 2013

The average gamer in the U.K. is aged 35, male and plays for roughly 2.5 hours per day, a new survey by Pixwoo has found.

The survey polled 2,000 residents across the country, determining that the average gamer is married and rakes in an average annual income of £23,000. They also find time to game for five days each week.

Elsewhere, Pixwoo turned up some interesting stats in terms of console ownership. Apparently, the average player has purchased at least two platforms, 18 games, and takes roughly one month to finish a title.

Unsurprisingly, the survey found that couples argue over gaming time, with 15 per cent of those polled admitting they have broken up with their partner due to their hobby.

In terms of next-generation consoles, 44 per cent of participants confirmed they intend to purchase a PS4, Xbox One or new PC in the next year. Nintendo Wii is the most popular among those polled, followed by PS3 and Xbox 360.

How closely do the poll results mirror your gaming trends? Do you ruck with your partner over your gaming time? Are you 35-years-young? Or perhaps you own two consoles or more? Sound off in the comment section below.