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Significant spike in Japanese PS Vita sales following release of Toukiden

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on 7 July 2013

Following the release of Toukiden, a single- and multi-player title set in a medieval Japan, PlayStation Vita sales in the region have more than doubled from 13,422 the week before to 31,271. Toukiden sold 122,794 units in its first week after launch, and has given Sony's handheld a fighting chance against Nintendo's 3DS.

This game, developed by Omega Force, could be a sign of things to come to the PS Vita in the future. Whereas news outlets have previously predicted a troubling forecast for the aesthetically pleasing and capable handheld, Sony may prove the device's worth through the creation of unique third-party content that cannot be rivaled by its competitors.

What's your perspective? Is Toukiden's success a sign that the PS Vita has a chance to be a major competitor in Japan and internationally, or is this simply an infrequent fluke that eases none of the troubles ahead? We'd like to know where you stand. Let us know on our comments section below, community forums, and Twitter.

Toukiden released in Japan on June 27, and is coming to North America in Q3 of this year.  For a look at Toukiden, here is the game's trailer:


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