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PS4 pre-orders run dry at GameStop

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on 8 July 2013

Sony has pulled the curtain down on PlayStation 4 pre-orders at U.S. retail giant GameStop.

The electronics giant previously gave the go-ahead for PS4 pre-orders at the retailer earlier this year. However, a quick butcher’s at GameStop’s store lists the standard edition of Sony’s next-generation console as ‘not available.’

Don’t despair just yet, though; you can still put your cash for one of the many bundles up for grabs.

Sony had warned that demand for the PS4 may outstrip supply in the run up to the console’s launch this holiday season, and indeed this seems to be the case. If you missed out this time around, there is a chance that stock may be replenished nearer launch, though we recommend getting your pre-order in sharpish.

PS4 goes head-to-head with Xbox One this holiday season. Sony’s new console undercuts its rival by $100/£80 at launch, coming in at $399 – significantly less than its predecessor back in 2006.

Have you got your pre-order in yet?

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