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SingStar has gained 1.5 million users thanks to F2P switch

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on 10 July 2013

Speaking at the Develop conference (via Gamasutra), SCE London Studio director Dave Ranyard confirmed that SingStar has amassed 1.5 million users since making the transition to a free-to-play model in 2012.

The number is rather impressive when you consider the fact the series had drummed up two million users in the five years prior to switching to F2P.

According to Ranyard, offering a successful F2P console experience boils down to removing player friction. He noted that in previous instalments, “people were doing six or seven clicks before getting to sing.” Now, that number has been reduced down to two or three.

In addition, microphone support has been given greater freedom, with any USB mics compatible with the title.

He added: “it was about reducing the barrier to entry.”

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