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PS4 is coming, but Sony assures it's not done with PS3 yet

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on 15 July 2013

The head of Sony Computer Entertainment U.K. has reiterated that the company has no intention of retiring the PlayStation 3 just yet.

Sony is gearing up for the launch of its next-generation console, PlayStation 4, in holiday 2013 alongside Microsoft’s competing Xbox One. However, the seven-year-old PS3 still has plenty of life left in it, assures Sony’s Fergal Gara.

“In terms of the life of the PS3, I think it’s there for some time to come, I think it’s got an amazing line-up of games this year which is really healthy,” he told OPM.

“I also think we’ll see a different phasing of success emerge this year from PS3 versus PS4. So you know I would expect it to fade a little more quickly in the UK which is a highly networked country with a huge taste in new tech.”

Switching gears to PS4, the executive said things are looking rosy in terms of building a strong install base for the new console.

“Achieving a strong install base is always very, very important in a console’s life. And we’ll be as focused, if not more focused, on that this time versus any previous generation, in particular starting with an attractive price-point that’s going to help us on that journey. So we’re delighted we’re looking in good shape on that front”.

PS4 was announced in February during a special event in New York City, with the console itself not shown until E3 just last month.

Sony used its press conference to confirm a $399/£349 price tag for the machine as well as revealing some of the games we’ll be able to pick up at launch.