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More launch day PS4 bundles available, Amazon tweets

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on 24 July 2013

It is no news that the PlayStation 4 has been in high demand, with Amazon reporting earlier this month that it had sold out of its launch-day versions of Sony's new flagship console. Amazon, however, tweeted this morning that they now have more launch day consoles available, along with bundles for Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadowfall, Knack, and and Watch Dogs.

The widespread demand means that Amazon will likely sell out in a matter of hours or days, so it is suggested that those looking to get a launch day console head over to Amazon and snag one before they're gone. Good luck.


Steven Chaffin, Jr. is an American editor for PlayStation Universe. When the PS4 launches this holiday season, Steven will be leading the front lines in Battlefield 4, and will be exploring the open-world of The Witcher 3 when it releases in 2014. You can get more from Steven on his personal blog, or on Twitter @runnersravings.