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Battlefield 4 won't feature cross-gen play or saves

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on 25 July 2013

DICE has revealed that you won’t be able to transfer career and multiplayer data for Battlefield 4 between platforms.

Progress for each game mode will be restricted to the platform you pick the game up for; in other words, there’s no transferring data from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4.

Confirmation comes via Twitter after a fan quizzed the studio on whether players could bring over their multiplayer rank from the Xbox 360 version of the military shooter to the Xbox One edition.

“No. Each platform is treated like a separate career, similar to how it works in Battlefield 3,” said DICE.

These restrictions also apply to multiplayer gaming, with current-generation gamers unable to go toe-to-toe with next-generation players.

This is of course in strike contrast to FIFA 14, also published by Electronic Arts, which will allow gamers to transfer their Ultimate Team progress from current-gen versions to new home consoles.

How do you feel about this news? Were you hoping to start off your career on PS3 and then move on to PS4 later on? Post your comments below.