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More on PS3 Orange Box problems

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The Orange Box could possibly be a huge hit for the PlayStation 3 this holiday season. Featuring Team Fortress 2, Portal, and Half-Life 2: Episode Two, this all in one pack is surely worth the $59.99 that it is set at. However, could technical issues make PS3 owners think twice about purchasing the title, or should they?

Many previews of the title have pointed to the notion that the game experiences many technical issues such as a low framerate. Conversely, there has been a new previous that knocks down the notion that Orange Box on the PS3 is pretty much unplayable. Hilary Goldstein of IGN who recently got the opportunity to preview the game, commented with:

 "[The Orange Box] is still a fantastic collection and runs well for the most part, but there are some technical issues that put it behind the 360 version. Technical issues aren't going to be enough to deter anyone who wants to enjoy Orange Box on PS3. Unless you require your games to never dip below 30fps, you should not strike The Orange Box off your PS3 holiday wish list."

PlayStation Universe will continue to cover this title. Until then, keep Orange Box at the top of your list, it will indeed deliver.

Source: Kotaku