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The Crew originally slated for PS3, not PS4

on 29 July 2013

The Crew, a massively multiplayer online racing title currently in development at Ubisoft, was not originally slated to be released for the next-generaiton PlayStation 4 according to the game's creative director Julian Gerighty in an interview with Digital Trends. Beginning development for the current generation, Gerighty revealed that The Crew has in the auto-shop for four years.

"It happened about a year and a half ago, where we realized we can push this a little bit further, we can push the personalization of the world, the non-procedural nature of the world, a little bit further if we do it on Xbox One and PS4," Grieghty explained. "So our Miami is radically different from our New York, which is normal but it takes a lot of work to get it to that level of quality. And that’s only possible on this next-generation."

Scheduled for a Q1 2014 release date, The Crew has a lot to offer. Featuring a large, shared world that takes 90-minutes of real time to cross, the game also has a story mode written by well-renowned writers.

"The story is written by the writer for Red Dead Redemption [and] we’ve got a writer for GTA on the game," said Gerighty. "What I say is, it’s not Shakespeare, but it’s a fun story to play through."


Steven Chaffin, Jr. is an American editor for PlayStation Universe. When the PS4 launches this holiday season, Steven will be leading the front lines in Battlefield 4, and will be exploring the open-world of The Witcher 3 when it releases in 2014. You can get more from Steven on his personal blog, or on Twitter @runnersravings.