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PS4 Everquest Next path untrodden, Sony working on PC version of MMO only

12 August 2013

Contrary to rumours, Sony Online Entertainment does not have any currently plans to bring the Everquest series to PlayStation 4.

Speaking with Eurogamer,producer David Georgeson didn’t dismiss the possibility in the future but made it clear that the MMO is not currently in the works and that the PC version of Everquest Next is its main focus.

“We're very serious about this being a PC-orientated launch. Now, you're dumb not to explore other options with a business of this type, but we're very serious about developing for the PC," said Georgeson.

He then went on to emphasise SOE’s close connections to the PS4 which will see both DC Universe Online and Planetside 2 making their way to Sony’s console next year and stressed that EverQuest Next on next-gen is not totally out of the question.

"So we have a lot of people becoming extraordinarily knowledgeable with that box," he said. "We're not adverse to the idea, but we're not going down that path yet."

Both DC Universe Online and Planetside 2 sport the free-to-play model with the latter using the same Forge Light engine as EverQuest Next. Surely, once SOE has established its first two free-to-play MMOs, EverQuest Next will follow.

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