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PS4 Project Phoenix smashes Kickstarter goal, Japanese and English voiced cut-scenes promised

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on 13 August 2013

Having broken the news about a PlayStation 4 version of Project Phoenix in the planning by an illustrious team of developers, PSU has been keeping a close eye on its progress.

Already the $100,000 initial goal on Kickstarter has been smashed with eager backers pledging over $200K to bring the JRPG to life at some point in 2015.

Backed by a team that has worked on titles spawning from the Final Fantasy, The Elder Scrolls and Valkyria Chronicles franchises, full versions of Project Phoenix have been confirmed for Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam with a PS4 and Vita version awaiting sign-off. Spin-offs for iOs and Android are also being made.

Latest news from the Project Phoenix camp reveals plans for cutscenes to be voiced in Japanese and English with further goals to include full voice acting and localisation in other languages. With further backing from Kickstarter funders, the team hopes to also create multiplayer and co-op modes.

The developer has previously stated that it is “90 percent certain” that Project Phoenix will be released on PS4 and Vita.

To find out more about Project Phoenix check out the Kickstarter website.