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GTA V multiplayer: Rockstar could 'simulate the entire world'

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on 15 August 2013

Grand Theft Auto V’s sprawling landscape and huge cities could be developed further to eventually simulate the actual size of the world, says Rockstar North president Leslie Benzies.

Speaking with CVG, Benzies discussed the expansion of the GTA V gameworld saying that Rockstar plans to expand the world with plenty of new places but has also toyed with the idea of developing it until it reaches the actual size of the real world.

“Well, one thing we've toyed with - and we've talked about this before, so it isn't a spoiler - is (the ambition) to grow this world until it's the world,” said Benzies. We're just going to add on new things to it, new places all the time. We've set this up so there are no limitations. The only limitation is the size of the disc and how much memory we've got. We could, if we wanted, simulate the entire world, different countries, whatever. Whether we do that or not... But we've got a bunch of old stuff that we're toying with using.”

Earlier today, fans were treated to the Grand Theft Auto Online trailer which confirmed that players will also be able to create their own content and share it online.