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Battlefield 4 devs side with PS4 following Xbox One launch delay

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on 16 August 2013

With the Xbox One delayed until 2014, the door is open for Sony and the PS4 to capitalise in the eight countries where it will have a head start.

Microsoft's bad news continues as two core Battlefield 4 developers have now made their opinions on the delay known via Twitter with both siding with the PS4. Gameplay designer Alan Kertz, who hails from Sweden, one of those countries that will suffer the delay, took to the social media channel to air his views.

“"I see Microsoft seems intent on making it easier and easier to pick PS4 for Gen4 in Sweden," he tweets.

Gameplay designer Gustav Halling also chipped in: "Not sure what Xbox is thinking when not launching in a progressive country like Sweden, we always buy what is hot and that will be PS4." He has since removed this comment.

While the Xbox One has suffered with some negative media scrutiny since the launch press conference focused on the console’s power as a T.V. box rather than a gaming machine, not to mention the way it made the embarrassing u-turn on its DRM policy, PS4 pre-orders have been going through the roof. These latest comments from respected developers only serve to make matters worse.

The release details for the PS4 will be announced at Gamescom in Cologne next week. Let's hope there's definitely not a delay for Sony's new gaming console!