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Expect us to push the PS4 everywhere, says Sony marketing

on 21 August 2013

Sony plans on learning from the mistakes made with what was undoubtedly a poor launch marketing campaign for PlayStation Vita by ensuring that the PlayStation 4 branding is everywhere.

Sony openly admitted that it didn’t do enough to promote PlayStation Vita but now it’s planning a “comeback moment for PlayStation” and will treat it as an “epic launch” as they seek to fulfil the demand for preorders.

Speaking with Digital Spy, UK managing director Fergal Cera made the following statement when asked how Sony would market and promote the PS4.

"Demand is already high, so in a way all we need to do is continue what we've been doing, which is explain what it is, just continue to flesh out the story, and that will do a significant job.

"But it is a big and enormously important launch for us. This is a comeback moment for PlayStation - particularly in the UK, there's a huge groundswell of pre-orders towards us, so it's appropriate that we treat is an important and epic launch.

Expect us to push the PS4 everywhere, really. Expect us to be in new media, in all media, and strong at retail - expect us to cover all the bases in a comprehensive manner. We're writing the detail out, pinning that down now, and putting the final shapes on that. It will be a multi-dimensional launch appropriate to the importance of the device."

The PlayStation 4 launches in the UK and Europe on November 29, 2013. The North American release is two weeks earlier on November 15.