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PS4 Command & Conquer hinted at by Victory Games

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on 22 August 2013

Victory Games’ Jon Van Canegham has hinted the studio could release a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of its free-to-play Command & Conquer game.

The comments come during an interview with at Gamescom, where Canegham was asked whether the strategy title could make the transition to mobile platforms in light of Frostbite Go.

While not confirming anything, Canegham did reveal that, “whatever platform you hear Frostbite going onto, I think there’s a real good chance that we’ll be right behind.”

So, does this mean PS4 and Xbox One’s online environment would prove an ideal fit for Command & Conquer?

“Absolutely,” he replied. “I can't say we're doing it for Command & Conquer yet but it's obviously a technology that fits right into what we're developing. I think this move to online is a great one for us, for PC… and now that the consoles are moving that way as well it makes it even easier for us to expand the audience."

Command & Conquer is due out later this year for PC. The game marks the end of traditional boxed releases of the venerable RTS franchise, with Victory Games planning a 10-year service for the title.

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