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5 Reasons you should wish Hideo Kojima 'Happy Birthday' right now

on 24 August 2013

 Let’s get Hideo Kojima trending on Twitter. The Japanese game director, writer, producer and designer Kojima is 50 today and here’s five reasons why every gamer on this planet should head over to Twitter right now and congratulate @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN for reaching this important milestone.

1. His life story should be an inspiration to many
Hideo had an unsettled childhood and even faced death numerous times, including nearly drowning. He became a withdrawn child after moving from the bright lights of Tokyo to the small city of Shiraski where his parents had little time for him and he spent most of his time locked away watching television.

As he grew older he focused his energy on writing and sent off short stories for publication. No-one ever took up his offer. Hideo had always loved videogames and after dabbling in amateur film-making he set his sights on entering the industry, despite intense pressures from society to fit in and get a “proper” education, as well as opposition from his friends and family.

He got his first break at Konami, but even then he had ideas that no-one listened to until much later in his career. The rest his history. Hideo continued to follow his dream and never gave up and is now the director of his own studio, Kojima Productions. Hideo’s path goes to show that talent won’t go unnoticed as long as you have persistence, hope and a strong work ethic. Keep trying and eventually you might just get the break you dreamed of.

2. He created the best PlayStation franchise ever and influenced a new genre
The Metal Gear Solid series has sold millions of copies worldwide and has wowed fans with its cinematic production and gripping gameplay. Let’s not forget that overnight Hideo brought the stealth genre into the mainstream and made it popular with this franchise, crafting a game that made creeping around snapping necks as much fun as running around with an AK-47. The Metal Gear games frequently rank among the best titles ever created and we’re delighted that a Metal Gear Solid film is in the making. Can you just imagine how amazing that will be?

3. He pours everything he has into his video games
Hideo isn’t just a producer of his games, but he has a hand in every single aspect of him. He admits himself he’s a bit of a control freak and gets involved in other aspects such as script-writing and direction. He lives and breathes his work, his characters and his universe and his passion and work ethic shows in the final productions of his games. How many games out there have one person who drives a game with so much influence and passion?

4. Without Hideo many games would never have been made
Such is the popularity and love for many of Hideo’s games that many developers have been influenced by them. If it wasn’t for Metal Gear and the way it made stealth so popular, would there have been a Splinter Cell, Tenchu, Hitman, Thief, or Assassin’s Creed franchise.

His legacy will live on and for years after he's no longer with us his games will inspire.

5. He’s created the Fox Engine which he hopes will be the best in the world
Kojima Productions has created the Fox Engine which has been designed for cross-platforms across the next-generation of consoles. We’ve already seen the quality of his production in previous games, but can you imagine what we’re about to witness as we hit the next-generation?

What are you waiting for? Let’s get this legend trending on twitter. RT #HappyBirthdayHideo @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN 

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