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74 percent of moms play video games, reports ESA

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on 27 August 2013

A report in the U.S. has found that 74 percent of mothers play video games. So says the Entertainment Software Association, an industry trade group that represents and serves games publishers.

Titled “Mom Gamers Study: A New Generation of Gamer,” the report further revealed that 75 percent of mothers play games at least once a week, 38 percent play daily, and 32 percent said gaming improves their cognitive skills.

These results were found to be strongest on mobile and tablet devices, though the ESA says the report covered a wide variety of gaming platforms.

“... [M]oms enjoy the full range of innovating entertainment our industry offers,” said Michael D. Gallagher, president of ESA. “As more moms play games, they also recognize the benefits of game play, including how video games help bring families together and exercise our minds in a fun and engaging way.”

Mr Gallagher’s comments on the benefit of family interaction in gaming reflected other key findings, too: over half of the mothers surveyed (56 percent) perceived gaming as a “family” activity. Furthermore, 30 percent of mothers believed gaming helped foster connections with younger kids, aged five to 12.

In addition to presenting the annual E3 exhibition, the ESA is known for its services in industry matters concerning piracy, research, and intellectual property protection. You can read its full report here.

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