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Sony must define PS3 marketing, says Square boss

on 5 December 2007

Square-Enix CEO Yoichi Wada has stated that Sony must look to define its marketing strategy for the PlayStation 3, suggesting that the platform holder is sending mixed messages to consumers when advertising the system.

Speaking in an interview with CNet, Wada commented, “It seems that Sony isn't sure what it wants to do. Is it making high-end electronics or a game console for gamers? I want them to clearly define their console.”

Indeed, Wada implied that he feels Microsoft Corp’s Xbox 360 is the only machine currently marketed as a hardcore video games system, whereas Nintendo’s Wii, despite is popularity, is considered by many as a “toy” more than anything.

“The Wii is the antithesis of the Xbox 360”, he continued. “360 is strictly for hardcore gamers. The attachment rate for the Xbox 360 is much higher than for the Wii.

“People who buy the 360 really like games. I think the current trend is that most people aren't buying the Wii as a game machine, but as a toy."

Source: MCV