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Sony working on PSP store

Many would suggest that Sony's main focus in gaming is its home consoles, the PS2 and PS3, whilst the PSP is just a side venture into another market, which it is not finding as successful when being crushed by Nintendo's DS every week. Sony has made attempts to prove this theory wrong by introducing a lighter and slimmer PSP model and the ability to download from the PSN store via PC. But the same many are probably demanding a Store that doesn't require a PC (or PS3).

But worry not as Sony is once again stepping up to bring the interest of the PSP to a whole new level by introducing an store similar to PSN exclusive through the PSP.

"Clearly that's something we're thinking about", says Eric Lempel, PlayStation Director of Nework Operations, "It's just a matter of priorities and some technology that we need to make it all work right and make sure the content is delivered securely, just to protect some of our [intellectual properties]".

He went on to confirm that Sony is looking into the possibility of bringing PS3  PlayStation Network games such as flOw and Everyday Shooter to the PSP.

Source: CVG