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Atomic Ninjas described as most insane experience you'll ever have with your PS3 and Vita!

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on 20 September 2013

The latest trailer for GripGames’ 2.5D platformer Atomic Ninjas has been released.

In Atomic Ninjas, players will fight in arenas full of danger against crazed ninjas in intense and funny matches. In order to win, you'll have to outsmart and outflank your opponents.

Atomic Ninjas is a colorful and funny multiplayer action game, in which you control super-powered ninjas in frantic online matches against other players.

Atomic Ninjas will be released in Europe on October 2 and in the U.S., Canada and the rest of Americas on October 8. The European price is 9.99 Euro, U.S. price is 9.99 USD.