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Sony targets PC, TV, tablet and more for Gaikai streaming

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on 23 September 2013

The head of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios (SCE WWS) has said that he’s keen to utilize Gaikai to stream PlayStation content to numerous devices including PC, tablets, mobiles and more.

Speaking with Dengeki Online, Shuhei Yoshida made it clear he has multiplatform aspirations for the service, which launches in North America in 2014; a European release remains up in the air however, due to broadband issues.

“Speaking of the ultimate goal, we would like to deliver PlayStation games to all devices,” said Yoshida-san. “So we’re considering various things like PC, TVs, Blu-ray players, smartphones and tablets. We hope to continue to expand not only to Sony devices, but even to devices other than Sony’s. This is still being studied.”

The executive went on to say how Sony discussed making PlayStation a service spanning multiple devices, rather than being limited to hardware.

“We previously spoke about PlayStation going from hardware to something closer to a service, regardless of the device - Of course PlayStation will be the center, but I think we would like to expand to different things.”

Sony recently announced PlayStation Vita TV, which allows gamers to play their PS Vita games through a HD TV set, as well as make use of various streaming services such as Hulu.

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via VG247