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GTA V interactive map reveals all secrets and collectibles

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on 25 September 2013

The folks over at Achievement Hunter have put together a, quite frankly, amazing interactive map of Los Santos and surrounding Blaine County from Grand Theft Auto V.

Split into sections by region, the map contains exact points for every hidden package, spaceship part, letter scrap, stunt jump, nuclear waste barrel, knife flight, submarine piece, and 'Under the Bridge' location. Clicking on a given point will bring up a quick YouTube clip showing the exact in-game location. How cool is that?

Of course, if you're of the sort that disdains any help or game information as spoiler-y, this isn't the map for you. But for trophy hunters and game completionists alike, this should prove to be an amazing late-game resource.

Elsewhere, Gameranx's Ian Miles Cheong discovered (via Reddit) another GTA V map that uses in-game clues to plot the locations of possible Easter eggs.

Check out Achievement Hunter's interactive GTA V map, then sound off in the comments below with your thoughts on Rockstar's latest.