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Join PlayStation's Extra Life team to win PlayStation prizes and help heal children

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on 3 October 2013

Extra Life, the annual donation campaign that benefits Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, is getting a pinch of PlayStation flavor this year with the opportunity for gamers to win PlayStation prizes for their efforts.

Here's how it works: register as a participant, then select PlayStation under the 'Which Movement Are You Joining?' drop-down menu. Then, talk with friends and family and ask for their support in whatever donation they can afford. As an explicit PlayStation team member, the money you generate will go toward medical treatment and care for children--AND earn you the PlayStation prizes shown below.

Traditionally, Extra Life participants play games in marathon amounts on the day of the event, which this year falls on November 2. The pledge to play video games for a certain number of hours can be used as a motivator for others to donate to your cause.

Are you interested in signing up for Extra Life as a PlayStation team member? How do PlayStation's prizes look to you? Sound off in the comments and look forward to this year's event on November 2.