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Dark Horse Comics' and PSU's fantastic Final Fantasy competition

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on 4 October 2013

Welcome to the last week of PSU and Dark Horse Comics' multi-part giveaway, where courtesy of our generous friends at Dark Horse Comics, we have another brilliant video game-related book for you to win.

This week our prize is the complete set of Final Fantasy artbooks entitled "The Sky," which showcase Yoshitaka Amano's art for the first ten Final Fantasy games. But before we tell you how you can win this great prize, let's look at the books in more detail.

The Sky box set consists of three hardback books totaling nearly six hundred pages of Amano's beautiful Final Fantasy art. Focusing mainly on character design, the books cover the many concepts, ideas, and paintings that went into creating Final Fantasy in fantastic, large-page colour and black-and-white illustrations. Let's have a look at some of that amazing art.

Turn the page to see how to enter