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SE 500: Episode 2 - GTA Online, GTA 6 and a PS4 for Christmas

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on 8 October 2013

Grab a cuppa, get comfy and join us for another episode of Server Error 500,’s dedicated gaming show hosted by the one and only, Marjaana Roininen.

For our latest episode, we tackle some of the hottest stories on everyone’s lips, which unsurprisingly leans heavy on the Grand Theft Auto series. With all the hullabaloo surrounding GTA Online’s teething problems, we take a look at Rockstar’s response to gamers experiencing problems with its online crime opus.

Not only that, but with also examine recent comments from the president of Rockstar North, who admitted recently that the studio already has ideas bubbling away for a sixth installment in the open-world franchise.

Lastly, with the impending launch of PlayStation 4 getting closer, we take a look at how likely it is that U.K. gamers will secure one of Sony’s shiny new boxes in time for the Christmas holidays.

Enjoy episode 2 of SE 500 below, and be sure to tune in again next week for episode 3. Missed the first entry? Check it out here