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GTA Online patch 1.03 now live, could it be aiming to stop exploiters?

on 9 October 2013

With little fanfare and no patch notes, Rockstar has today released a new GTA Online update, entitled 1.03. The patch has left many players confused as to what it was supposed to fix, but some Rockstar forum users believe it to do the following:

Each time a player repeats a mission in GTA Online, the amount of money they earn will decrease; players can no longer quickly restart missions to grind money and some missions have lost their replayability altogether. At this moment, the exact value of money lost in these missions is unknown, as are the names of the altered missions, but players should still be able to restart missions they have failed.

If the patch does do the above, then Rockstar is obviously plugging exploit loopholes in GTA Online. Good news as this may be, it can only be hoped that there will soon be a more extensive update to fix some of the major issues bugging players in GTA Online, such as loss of saved data.

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Do you think Rockstar has done enough to fix the problems in GTA Online ? Let us know in the comments section below.