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Kingdom Hearts III new footage is almost here

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on 10 October 2013

A Play Community email with comment by Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura indicates that new footage of Kingdom Hearts III will debut in a 'Conversations with Creators' video ahead of the full clip's reveal during Japan's D23 Expo this weekend.

PlayStation enthusiasts will recognize the 'Conversations with Creators' video series for giving an inside glimpse into (usually) PlayStation 4 development as prominent industry figures give their thoughts about the platform and its games in front of white screens. We've seen Mark Cerny, Ubisoft, Sucker Punch, and others star in these videos before, but Tetsuya Nomura's turn is right around the corner--potentially, in the next day or two. And when its his time to shine, we'll get the first new footage of Kingdom Hearts III since its E3 reveal. Check out the bolded portion, in particular:

(original image credit of Play Community's @bKvEBVAvUq, below translation by goldpanner. Via

Hello everyone!! Play Community Admin here.

Conversations with Creators is a video series in which we interview the creators of the PlayStation 4 titles that have been revealed so far. Before the video goes public on the Play Community blog, just our Play Community registered members get the next new info early!

The next episode of Conversations with Creators is, once again, Tetsuya Nomura, director of Square Enix's KINGDOM HEARTS III! He gave us a perspective on the PS4 and on this title that was different yet again from his Final Fantasy XV video that went up the other day.

He gave us a comment especially for the members of Play Community to see before the video releases. Take a look.
I still don't have much information on KHIII that I can release to the public, but I spoke to the extent I was able. Please enjoy the interview, along with part of the new clip that will be released at the event this month.
We hope you enjoyed this new info, please look forward to the interview video!

Excited for more footage of Kingdom Hearts III? What do you think the 'Conversations with Creators' clip will reveal? Sound off in the comments and stay glued to for the video when it launches.