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Killzone: Shadow Fall multiplayer Support Class uses drones, turrets, and spawn points

on 14 October 2013

Killzone: Shadow Fall's three multiplayer classes will be the trinity on which this PS4 competitive-classic-in-the-making will be judged. Previously, we covered the reveal of the Scout Class, which stalks the battlefield with the Cloak and Emergency Teleport abilities. There's also Assault, with hallmarks of the guns-blazing variety, and today's reveal of the Support Class, which looks to be a team tour de force.

The Support Class' boons start with the Revival Drone, which hovers around the battlefield reviving critically wounded teammates automatically. A teammate revived in this way will not only arise with full health and ammunition, but a temporary 25 percent health boost. Also, they won't lose a life in the process, which can make or break a match with certain rules--like limited lives--turned on.

Besides the Revival Drone, Shadow Falls' Support Class can select from five secondary abilities, which trumps the Assault and Scout Class' three apiece. The Support Class' secondary abilities are:

Air Support Drone:
The Air Support Drone ability deploys a flying combat drone that protects the area indicated by the Support player and unleashes minigun fire on any enemies that get close.

Spawn Beacon:
The Spawn Beacon ability sets up a temporary in-field spawn point for team mates. Spawn Beacons can be placed almost anywhere in the map, but it takes a while to install them and they’re vulnerable to enemy fire.

The Turret ability deploys a sentry turret that will automatically target enemies in its forward facing field of view. While not indestructible, sentry turrets are ideal for guarding choke points and defending mission-critical areas.

Supply Box:
This ability lets Support Class players set up a Supply Box, which team members can use to stock up on health and ammo. The box can be destroyed by enemy players.

Support Teleport:
The Support Teleport ability allows Support Class players to teleport directly to a team mate in need of medical or tactical assistance. The teleportation device has a lengthy recharge time after each use.

(via Killzone.com)

Of course, you won't have access to all these abilities at the same time (instead, you'll switch between secondaries between spawns, as you see fit), but the groundwork has been lain for a deep, customizable multiplayer experience with enough carefully structured depth to lend confidence in Guerrilla's long-term competitive vision.

Is Killzone: Shadow Fall on your list of PS4-related pre-orders? Not interested in Guerrilla Games treading familiar ground? What do you think of Shadow Fall's newly revamped graphics? Let us know in the comments.