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PS4's new commercial brings video games into the real world

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on 15 October 2013

Just a bit ago, Sony lifted the veil on its latest PlayStation 4 commercial, which leverages an original song--"Perfect Day"--and game-y activities in the real world to visualize the PS4 experience.

This video is already proving to be rather divisive, and frankly, I'm not a fan. The amateur singing is poor quality, which makes it feel rather arbitrary--in fact, I'd argue the "Perfect Day" song cheapens the novelty of seeing Driveclub, Killzone, and The Elder Scrolls Online played out in the real world. Besides that, the apparent PlayStation audience isn't exactly diverse--everyone in the video is a white male.

What do you think? Check out the video below, then leave a comment with your thoughts. This ad debuted during North America's Monday Night Football program earlier this evening, and you'll likely be seeing quite a bit more of it leading up to November 15.