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Is PS4 playable near you? Check Sony's interactive map

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on 16 October 2013

As is common with console launches and the industry at large, PlayStation 4 will be available at select retailers for the public to try before and after its release. The important question: is a PS4 console near you?

Sony has the answer with an interactive map that tracks PS4 demo kiosk locations in a defined radius around whatever North American zip code you enter. According to Associate Brand Marketing Manager Crystal MacKenzie, the first consoles will appear in Sony Stores around the nation, with Target, Wal-Mart, GameStop, and Best Buy following suit. You'll be able to go hands-on with a diverse offering of games, too, including Knack, Octadad: Dadliest Catch, FIFA 14, Super Motherload, Pinball Arcade, and Contrast.

Apparently, there are no PS4 demo kiosks within 100 miles of my Minneapolis residence (yet), but there may very well be one in earshot of your own abode. Sound off in the comments if there's a PS4 kiosk near you and if you remember chasing the same demo kiosks right before PS Vita came out.