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PS4 'light years ahead of anything else we have seen in the console industry,' says indie dev

on 19 October 2013

In an exclusive interview with PlayStation Universe, indie developer and creator of Atomic Ninjas, Grip Games believes that PlayStation 4 is light years ahead of anything else we have seen in the console industry.

The Prague-based developer has been working with the PS3 and Vita on games such as Foosball 2012, The Impossible Game and Atomic Ninjas and is currently working on a new title for the PS4.

We asked Jakub Mikyska, CEO of Grip Games, if he was looking forward to the next generation of consoles and what it means for the studio and its future roadmap.

"We are not the kind of studio that pushes the hardware to its limit. We are one of those “artsy” guys,” he said. “So, our mindset remains more or less the same, just like our roadmap. We are looking forward to the next-generation as a catalyst for further grow. Nothing more and nothing less. I can already reveal that our next game with also be PS4-bound (and probably XB1-bound as well). PS4 is an impressive machine and it is right to look forward to it. On a hardware and development software level, it is light years ahead of anything else we have seen in the console industry".

It’s a sentiment that seems to be echoed throughout the indie scene with more and more developers flocking toward the open publishing platform of PS4 to showcase their wares. Bigger development houses too, such as Gaijin Entertainment (War Thunder), are backing PS4 and choosing to launch their ambitious games on Sony’s next-generation console.

For more information about Grip Games, check out the official site and keep an eye out for the full interview on PSU.com tomorrow.