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PSN 'Sale of the Dead' treats discounts on The Last of Us, The Walking Dead, and more

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on 21 October 2013

When the PlayStore Store updates in North America tomorrow, we'll all be treated to some Halloween-flavored discounts on games, movies, and TV shows.

The sale itself will be split over two weeks of content, with the period from October 22 to October 28 designated "Zombie Week." In accordance, the content on sale is largely zombie-focused, with seriously nice prices (especially for PS Plus members) on games like Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition ($9.99 / $5.00 for PS Plus), Dead Island: Riptide ($24.99 / $19.99), Dead Nation ($5.99 / $3.00), The Last of Us ($44.99 / $35.99), The Walking Dead ($2.49 / $1.25 per episode, Season Pass @ $4.99 / $2.99), Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare ($9.99 / $5.00), Plants vs. Zombies ($4.99 / $3.75), and various Resident Evil games.

The second week of the sale, "Horror Week," is chock-full of general scares and kicks off on October 29. From then 'til November 4, you'll see BioShock down to $9.99 ($5.00 for PS Plus members), Dead Space 1-3 at various discounts, Lone Survivor at $9.99 ($8.99 for Plus), and Puppeteer for $27.99 ($19.59 if you're a Plus subscriber), alongside a whole host of others. Be sure to check out the official PlayStation Blog for the full list of games and sale prices.

Meanwhile, TV and movie discounts during Zombie Week and Horror Week cover everything from True Blood and The Shining to American Horror Story and The Walking Dead TV series.

A LOT of the games in this sale are excellent, so be sure to pick up the highlights (Lone Survivor is a particular treat) regardless of your holiday spirit.