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Stringer says PSN is key to innovation

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on 11 December 2007

Howard Stringer, the CEO of Sony Corporation has stated that he considers the company’s PlayStation Network service as a key aspect in driving innovation within the electronics business over the next few years.

Stringer commented on the commitment to innovate following a successful three-year cost-cutting drive and restructuring effort at Sony, stating that the firm now strives to "bring back some of the wow factor".

"The next cycle is actual innovation”, Stringer pledged, highlighting the importance of PSN, which currently allows consumers to download various content by connecting to the online PlayStation Store.

While not going into detail, he mentioned that Sony aims to broaden the appeal of the online service, in addition to stating that it also remains open for third party companies to take advantage of.

Elsewhere, Stringer also mentioned that the company has been selling an estimated 200,000 PlayStation 3 units per week in Europe, along with a further 40,000 – 50,000 in Japanese territories.

We’ll have more on Sony’s plans for PSN as it breaks.