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Afrika nets a composer

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One of the more intriguing games we’ve seen this generation thus far is the PlayStation 3 exclusive, Afrika. In its current state, nobody clearly knows the concept behind the title. From the screenshots provided, all we’ve seen are beautiful landscapes and wildlife from the continent of Africa. Speculation has arisen that the title will amount to nothing more than a realistic take on the classic N64 title, Pokemon Snap. Others believe that there is far more to the title than Sony has wanted to admit, considering that it could actually be any genre at this point.

While almost everything surrounding Afrika is unknown, we can confirm that a solid detail regarding the game has been released. Wataru Hokoyama, a composer based in the Los Angeles area, has been assigned to head the title’s original score. Hokoyama has never worked on a videogame before, but he’s started off with a bang, setting up a 104-piece orchestra which will be the basis for the music of Afrika.

Currently there is no tentative release date set for Afrika; gamers are going to have to wait until a later date to learn about a possible timeframe for launch. We’ll continue to keep you informed on everything regarding Sony's mysterious Afrika.

Source: 1UP