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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag trophy list leaks

on 24 October 2013

PSMania has uncovered the supposed Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag trophy list in full, which is reproduced below, sans icons. Watch out for spoilers, though these trophies are, thankfully, pretty vague.

Prizes, Plunder, and Adventure! - Platinum
Win every trophy.

Heroes Aren't Born - Bronze
Complete memory sequence 1.

Good While It Lasted - Bronze
Complete memory sequence 2.

A Pirate's Life For Me - Bronze
Complete memory sequence 3.

No Apologies - Bronze
Complete memory sequence 4.

Death Of A Salesman - Silver
Complete memory sequence 5.

Mixing Up The Medicines - Silver
Complete memory sequence 6.

The Hammer Falls -Silver
Complete memory sequence 7.

Adrift - Silver
Complete memory sequence 8.

A New Hope - Silver
Complete memory sequence 9.

My Elusive Fortune - Silver
Complete memory sequence 10.

Been Down So Long... - Silver
Complete memory sequence 11.

Just Like Starting Over - Silver
Complete memory sequence 12.

Saw That One Coming... - Gold
Complete memory sequence 13.

Routine Hacking - Bronze
Complete present day mission 2.

Getting Weird Around Here - Bronze
Complete present day mission 3.

Bunker Buddies - Bronze
Complete present day mission 4.

It's All Good - Bronze
Complete present day mission 5.

By The Book - Silver
Complete 100% of all main mission constraints.

Hungover - Bronze
Wake up in a haystack.

Silence, Fool! - Bronze
Kill a guard ringing a bell.

Owned - Bronze
Complete every activity in a single location.

Vault Raider - Bronze
Unlock the secret door in Tulum.

Killer Killer - Bronze
Harpoon a killer whale.

Help A Brother Out - Bronze
Complete a Templar Hunt sequence.

Sea Legs - Bronze
Complete all naval contracts.

King Of The Castle - Silver
Capture all forts.

Employee Of The Month - Bronze
Complete 25 Abstergo challenges.

Business And Pleasure -Bronze
Earn 50,000 reales.

Mer-man - Bronze
Swim a total of 1 nmi.

Redingote Up! - Bronze
Craft the Hunter outfit.

Thug Life - Bronze
Plunder 30 ships.

Devil Of The Caribbean -Silver
Defeat all 4 legendary ships.

Destroyer - Silver
Fully upgrade the Jackdaw.

Seven Deadly Seas - Bronze
Explore all underwater shipwrecks.

Barfly - Silver
Unlock all taverns.

Cannon fodder - Bronze
Recruit 500 crew members.

FTFY -Bronze
Fully upgrade your hideout.

Cartographer - Bronze
Visit every location of the game.

Ghost In The Machine - Bronze
Hack 15 computers in Abstergo Entertainment.

Roped In - Bronze
Perform 5 air assassinations from a swinging rope.

Sharing Is Caring - Bronze
Share each type of discovery with friends once.

All Aboard! - Bronze
Board a ship without losing any crew members.

Siren Song - Bronze
Rescue pirate hostages by distracting enemies with "dancers."

Wild West Indies - Bronze
Kill 4 enemies in a row using multi-pistols.

Excavator - Bronze
Find a buried treasure.

Committed To The Cause -Bronze
Reach level 55 in Multiplayer.

Personal Bag Of Tricks - Bronze
Finish a game session with an ability set that you customized in Multiplayer.

Master Of The Caribbean - Bronze
Complete the Discovery Mode of Wolfpack in Multiplayer.

Lab Technician - Bronze
Play and complete a game session of Game Lab in the Multiplayer Public playlist.

All Rounder -Bronze
Play on every game mode, and use every ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is due out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 worldwide on October 29,. Watch the official launch trailer here.