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GTA Online cash stimulus coming after 'tweaks and fixes,' says Rockstar

on 25 October 2013

GTA Online has improved considerably since its troubled October 1 launch, but players are still waiting for the $500,000 stimulus of in-game money promised to every player in the wake of connectivity issues and glitches. Rockstar has confirmed that it's coming, but not until after "a few more tweaks and fixes" are made in an upcoming title update.

The update in question will hit next week, with the first of two $250,000 in-game cash deposits hitting immediately or shortly after. The money will show up in players' in-game bank accounts, and any money in your bank account can be shared between characters. Unfortunately, the BAWSAQ player-influenced stock market is showing no signs of recovery (having been offline since launch), so it doesn't seem like you'll be able to make a quick investment buck without saving those stimulus checks for a later date.

Further down the line, there's new content to look forward to. The Beach Bum Pack, featuring a number of new beach-oriented vehicles and Jobs, is dropping early November. Social Club events and livestreams are scheduled to start up around the same time, while the first version of the Content Creator is coming "this fall." Both the Beach Bum Pack and Content Creator will be free downloads.

How has your GTA Online experience been? Any cool stories or tips to share? Drop a comment below and stay glued to PSU.com to find out when the first stimulus cash arrives.