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You can't change your PSN profile name on PS4

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on 30 October 2013

The much-requested ability to change your PSN Online ID won't become available with the launch of PS4, Sony says.

The disappointing news comes in explicitly clear detail on the official PS4 FAQ that's currently blowing up the PlayStation-enthusiast community. The FAQ reads:

Is there a way to rename my Online ID on PS4?

No. But PS4 does give you the option of allowing your friends to see your real name in addition to your Online ID. You can also choose to import your Facebook photo to be used as your PSN profile picture if you wish.

The problem many users have with being unable to change their Online IDs stems from the way PlayStation Network, and consumer tastes, have evolved in recent years. For example, when I created my PSN account to play Killzone 2, I had no idea of the long-term implications--how the digital marketplace and my online presence would become ubiquitous before long.

As such, I'm absolutely going to be using my real name in place of my Online ID on PS4--I hate the name I chose in 2009 that much.

Disappointed that PSN profile name changes aren't coming in the foreseeable future? Excited by the PS4 launch lineup of 20 games? Let us know in the comments.