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Sony to reveal PS4 processor at AMD APU13 event

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on 3 November 2013

On November 13 at the 2013 AMD Developers Summit—titled simply AMD APU13—Sony is set to unveil the PlayStation 4's mysterious and all-powerful SoC (System on a Chip).

We will all finally know what kind of secrets the PS4 processor has in store for gamers around the world. The 'Inside PlayStation 4: Building the Best Place to Play' event will kick off at 8:30 am PST. It is assumed that the event will be live-streamed on the internet but there have been no details released as of yet to confirm the live-stream; "Rendering Battlefield 4 with Mantle" will be featured later that day, so PlayStation fans can get a double dose of what's to come on November 15 when the PS4 finally arrives.

Be sure to stick with us on PSU for updates on the AMD APU13 event.