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PS4 Knack app launches

on 6 November 2013

Sony has today launched an iOS app that supports the PlayStation 4 launch title Knack.

The app entitled KNACK's Quest is free on the iTunes store and is described as follows: "Knack, the hero born on the PlayStation 4, makes his app debut! Collect parts and make Knack grow! You can use items you collect in the app within the PS4 title KNACK. Enjoy KNACK’s Quest together with the PS4 title KNACK! (The Item Send function will be available in the next software update.) "


The game itself is comparable to many similar shape-matching puzzlers as you can see from the screenshot. Interaction with the PS4 title stems from that as you play KNACK's Quest you unlock items that can eventually be used in the main title. While it is disappointing to see the app is derivative of many similar games, it's a great step forward in promoting the PS4, and we can only hope future PS4 game tie-in apps will be more innovative.

Knack is one of 22 titles confirmed for when the PS4 launches next week in the USA on November 15. Check out the full list here.

Will you be downloading KNACK's Quest ? Let us know in the comments section below.