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PS4: 'It feels like Sony are back on form,' says former SCEE Senior Producer

on 7 November 2013

Phil Gaskell, an ex-SCEE employer who worked as a producer on a variety of PlayStation games including Super Stardust HD and Dead Nation, says that he ‘feels like Sony are back on form’ with the PlayStation 4.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with PlayStation Universe, Phil told us he was lucky to have worked with the PS4 in its infancy when he was with Sony, where he left to found Ripstone Games in 2011.

When we were still at Sony we were lucky enough to work with PS4 in its infancy, so it’s fantastic to see it fully realised and it’s a clear triumph for Mark Cerny – the lead architect - and the team”, said Phil.

It feels like Sony are back on form, and as someone who started his career at Sony it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The exciting aspects for me are how connected these new consoles are, they’ve been built with today’s digital and connected world in mind. I think all us gamers are in for a treat.”

The PlayStation 4 launches in November with over 20 titles and a variety of new services, including the ability for gamers to stream their content directly to Twitch T.V. Phil is just the latest in a long line of publishers and developers to sing the praises on the PS4 which launches in the U.K. on November 29 with the U.S. release on November 15.