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PS4 pre-orders beating Xbox One at GameStop, says store manager

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on 8 November 2013

According to a store manager of U.S. retail giant GameStop, PlayStation 4 pre-orders are eclipsing those of the Xbox One by a considerable margin.

Speaking on a Reddit AMA session (via GamePur), the manager was quizzed how many pre-orders both consoles have reached.

“I think my store hit ~ 150 vs ~ 30 XBone,” he replied.

“It’s a lot more than I expected but I keep seeing people reporting ~x3 as many PS4 preorders as Xbox One.”

Asked directly which system is winning the pre-order battle, he reiterated, “PS4 by a long shot, ~150 to ~30.”

Of course, what is one store measured against the entire GameStop chain across the U.S.? Fortunately, a user asked if this number pertained to just the manager’s store, or a ratio of many stores -- and the response made it clear Sony’s next-generation console is doing rather well.

“That is for my store. On avg there have been more PS4’s than XB One pre orders. Some stores may have more Xb’s than PS4’s but from what I saw not by much.”

Sony previously revealed that PS4 has reached over one million pre-orders, though wouldn't divulge a specific breakdown for each major territory. However, it did confirm that the figure has surpassed the pre-order record set by PS2 and PS3.