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PS4 to hit 49 million sales by 2017, predicts analyst firm

on 12 November 2013

PlayStation 4 will hit 49 million units sold by 2017, according to analyst firm IHS.

Speaking in a recent press release (via VG247), the company said
PS4 is expected to continue the brand’s long stranglehold in Europe, the U.K. and Japan. Xbox One, however, will still reign supreme in the U.S.

IHS also reckons that getting consumers to switch consoles in the next-generation console war will prove more difficult, saying there will “only be a small amount of defections between Sony and Microsoft.”

Moving on to each platform holder’s strategy, the firm said, “Sony’s PS4 positioning since its announcement has been heavily centred on the game, while Microsoft has attempted to implement a mixed and broader entertainment and gaming message.

“This different approach will influence the choice of some early adopters. The strength of exclusives will also be key to consumer adoption; at this time IHS believes that Xbox One’s exclusives are more formidable for a wider set of gamers, especially in the opening launch period.”

In terms of performance this year, the firm expects PS4 to shift 2.4 million units by the end of year, while Xbox One is forecast to chalk up 2.2 million units sold.

Looking ahead, IHS predicts Sony’s new home console will move 49 million units by 2017, and Xbox One 38 million.

“IHS believes that Sony’s wider geographical brand allegiance - especially across continental Europe and Japan - will be decisive in allowing PS4 to outsell Xbox One on a global basis by the end of 2017.”

PS4 will be released in the U.S. on Friday and in Europe on November 29.