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PSULive launches on Twitch TV - PS4 streaming from PlayStation fanatics

on 14 November 2013

The official Twitch T.V. channel for PlayStation Universe launches tomorrow, November 15, on the very day that gamers in the U.S. get their hands on the PlayStation 4 for the first time.

PSULive will feature regularly streaming schedules from industry experts and passionate PlayStation gamers and will include live PS4 game reviews, previews, community events, competitions and much more, all with insightful commentary from our passionate team of PlayStation enthusiasts.

The official PSULive channel will be a hub for PlayStation 4 gamers to see the latest games in action, many shown before their official release date. To celebrate the release of PS4 we have a special stream for you this evening, November 14. PSU’s Editor-in-chief Kyle Prahl will be streaming Killzone: ShadowFall and Resogun live at 2pm EST, 8pm GMT.

We’re also excited to announce that PlayStation Universe readers can watch our streams live on the homepage at PSU.com via our Flash Console (shown below). All you need to do is hit our home page during any live stream and you’ll have the option to watch,hear us live doing what we love best and interact with us.

Just above our top news story on the homepage you can watch our live streams

In addition to our official channel, PSU will shortly be launching a Twitch T.V. community streaming program that will feature some of the most enthusiast and passionate PlayStation gamers in the world. Stay tuned for more details.

So you don't miss out on any of our live streams, please FOLLOW PSULive on Twitch T.V now.