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New GT5 Prologue details, damage modeling a possibility

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Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, the precursor to Gran Turismo 5 exclusively for the PlayStation 3, has recently flooded the Japanese market with the North American and European launch to come after Christmas. While already out to the public in Japan, creative director Kazunori Yamauchi, got a chance to discuss the game on a Garage 419 show. 

Nothing groundbreaking came from this session, but Yamauchi did reveal damage effects will not be available out of the box, but through PSN downloadable content, it could be a possibility of making its way onto the game.

Yamauchi explains:

“We won’t have damage, but we do have it built into our milestone. After launch, we are planning online updates. Damage may be one of them.”

From there the conversation turned a bit more casual and the idea of Gran Turismo 5 actually being used in many avenues in life, in particular, real like motor sports experience and as a driver license test:

“Close to 90% of the experience you get out of Gran Tourismo, will help you in building your experience in motor sports, next to the real thing of course.”

“Taking the example of world air traffic. Pilots do hours and hours of flight simulation and that usually equates to skipping their steps of obtaining there flying license. So why not apply that to the world of cars? Where people who have spent X hours on GT or driving license within the GT environment for them to get a discount on their insurance. Even astronauts don’t practice with the real thing, they constantly practice with the simulator and up they go.”

What do you think? Imagine a society of drivers whose sole driving education was based off of Gran Turismo, scary or exciting? Nonthenless, Gran Turismo 5 Prolouge will soon be on European and North American shores for everyone to get a chance to crank up and hit the virtual worlds. PSU will continue to cover GT5 throughout its development process with a nice review at the end.

Source: Autoblog